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How it works

The dream of owning a luxury beachside holiday home in the exclusive Playa Marques development, with its exceptional year round climate, is for most people a substantial financial investment, - this may prove difficult to justify, especially as the property will not be used all year. Now, for a much smaller investment, you can own a home for any period of the year you desire; you can become a part owner in a luxury property of your choice and pay just a fraction of the property price and running costs. 

Joint ownership is the affordable alternative to purchasing a freehold property. It is asensible investment for those who want to enjoy an overseas home, but do not want to tie up all their money in outright ownership. Joint ownership – also known as fractional ownership or part ownership is NOT ANOTHER VARIATION OF TIME SHARE. In time share developments, a buyer purchases time without ownership – a specific week or weeks and may be put into any number of apartments.

Joint ownership is a genuine ownership of a freehold property by a strictly limitednumber of people who, between them, own the freehold title, the contents and the rights of occupation. When property values increase you can make money if you own a property – or ashare of it, allowing for the realisation of a true investment.

The joint ownership concept is based around a maximum of 4 co-owners purchasing a 13 week fixed share of a property. The purchase works in the same way as if you were buying a property outright, except you are o­ne of four owners who each own 25% of the property. Many outright owners tend o­nly to use their property for 4-12 weeks per year yet still have to bear the costs attached to 52 weeks.

Minimum Capital Outlay

As you o­nly pay for your share, you tie up o­nly a small amount of capital in your holiday home, the rest of your money can be set aside to enjoy your newMediterranean lifestyle or to invest in another dream location.

Pay o­nly a fraction of the Running Costs

Overseas property owners find it hard to justify the o­ngoing costs. Now you can save thousands of pounds every year by sharing the o­ngoing costs with your propertypartners.

All the Benefits of Freehold Property Ownership

Freehold properties in Playa Marques have proven to provide a stable and attractive “Return o­n Investment” over time. As part owner you can benefit from appreciating property values. You can re-sell your property, rent it out or leave it to your loved o­nes.

Ongoing Property Care

The o­n-site property management team will ensure your home is always ready for your next visit. Upon arrival you will find the property thoroughly cleaned, beds all made-up and a personal Welcome Pack. The reception, security and maintenance staff are just a phone call away to make your stay 100% hassle free.

The property is Ready to Move in

You buy a completed, brand new home in the exclusive seaside development of Playa Marques, where all the amenities and infrastructure is operational.

One of the most significant benefits of buying a property through joint ownership, is the ability to match your purchase with your expected use of a holiday home. When combined with the services and lifestyle of living in Playa Marques you have very compelling reasons to consider joint ownership.

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